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Six Flags Fiesta Texas’s Whirligig is a Wave Swinger attraction in the Spassburg section of the park. The ride is one of the original rides to open with the park in 1992, and was manufactured by Zierer of Germany. The Whirligig opened as ‘Die Fledermaus’ and retained that name until it was changed to its current name in 2009. The ride is a thrill ride with a 48 inch height requirement, and is suitable for older children, teenagers and adults. The Whirligig features individual seats suspended by chains from an overhead canopy. Once the ride starts, the central section of the ride elevates and the canopy rotates so that the chair swings fly out to the sides of the ride. The canopy also tips at an angle while rotating so that riders experience a “wave” effect, thus the trade name Wave Swinger. This style of swing ride is one of the most popular amusement rides in the USA, with most major American amusement parks offering a Wave Swinger in their lineup of rides.

Zierer premiered their first swing ride in Germany in 1972, and over the years the company has manufactured about 200 Wave Swingers. Other than Six Flags Fiesta Texas, some of the most well-known amusement parks with Zierer Wave Swinger rides are Six Flags Over Georgia, Disney’s California Adventure, Cedar Point, Dorney Park, Knott’s Berry Farm, Six Flags Great America, Kings Island and Canada’s Wonderland. Higher swing rides continue to emerge, including Six Flags Fiesta Texas’s own SkyScreamer.

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