The Twister

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The Twister at Six Flags Fiesta, San Antonio, Texas

Six Flags Fiesta Texas acquired The Twister in 1998 when Premier Parks purchased the theme park, which is located on about 200 acres in San Antonio, Texas. The original name of the ride was Der Twister, which denotes its German ancestry.

The Twister looks like an elongated log, and it has two rows of seats. The riders are secured and locked in quite tightly. The Twister ride does a full 360 degree arching spin on the seat’s axle. It also executes a 360 degree spin on its central axis. In addition, The Twister has a standard operational code, but the operator has the option to stop and allow the riders to spin in any position.

The Twister is located in the Spassburg section of Six Flags Fiesta Park. It is a thriller ride that spins and spins, and it also turns its riders upside down. This right-side and upside-down action repeats again and again. Participants must be at least 54 inches tall, which makes it inappropriate for small children. However, it is an exciting ride for older children and adults, making it one of the most popular attractions of the theme park.

Visitors to Six Flags Fiesta, which is located near the center of the downtown area, may also have fun at the White Water Bay Waterpark because it is included in the admission price. Ironically, this park has an exciting ride called The Twister Body Slide. Its biggest feature is that it descends into total darkness. Both parks open at 9AM on most days of the year.

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