The San Antonio Museum Of Art

The San Antonio Museum Of Art, also known as SAMA, is one of the most popular museums in Texas. The museum has been open since 1981 and was actually funded by the local Economic Development Administration and other foundations and businessmen. The museum is located north of the Riverwalk in San Antonio and their restaurant is what gets a lot of the locals to visit. You will be able to really enjoy the food as it is very diverse and surprisingly affordable.

At first, the museum was focused on folk art from the Americas, Spanish Colonial, pre-Columbian and also Latin American folk art. There was also a lot of art dedicated to 18th, 19th and 20th century paintings from America and Europe. There are also a lot of photographs, sculptures and decorative arts in the museum. The museum then started to expand in the late 90s because of the donations from local businessmen. There is also a wing that is solely dedicated to Asian arts and it is now the biggest museum that is dedicated to Asian art in the Southern region of America.

The museum is massive and continues to draw in tourists from all over the world. Though the interest in museums may seem like it is slowly decreasing, people are still looking to travel to Texas to check out the rich history in the museums. If you are an avid fan of museums or would like to learn more about the area, then you need to check out the San Antonio Museum Of Art