The Ripley’s Museum

The Ripley’s Museum in San Antonia, Texas is one of the most fun filled and weird places to visit with your family or partner. Located on 307 Alamo Plaza, this Believe It or Not museum is full of 3 floors of exciting and amazing collections of weird things that promise to entertain and astonish.

This collection coupled with the Louis Tussaud’s wax museum and the 4D moving theater, makes the Ripley Museum a must see when visiting San Antonio. Locals of San Antonia love The Ripley Museum because it provides affordable and unique entertainment. Tickets for kids are priced at $11.99 and tickets for adults are priced at 19.99, and there are always discounts available online.

From statues of the wooly mammoth to a model of the titanic to the Eiffel tower, there are many cool and weird things in The Ripley Museum’s collection. Whether you like glow in the dark statutes or Greek masks, this place has something for everyone. Each exhibit has information on the display, which makes the trip fun and exciting as you can actually read up on each oddity. Kids particularly enjoy the museum and ask a lot of questions, which you can answer after reading up on the information provided.

The wax museum has President’s and super stars waiting for the guests. Most of the wax statues are very realistic and the museum allows visitors to snap away and enjoy the company of these waxed celebrities. Head to this fun filled place today and enjoy an exciting day. Remember to shop for souvenir’s at the gift stop on your way out!