The Power Surge

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The Power Surge at Six Flags Fiesta Texas is a 50 foot shoot-the-chutes style water ride that is guaranteed to get riders soaked! The ride opened with the park in 1992 and features a ‘double dip’ drop culminating in an enormous splash. The Power Surge does not only soak riders, but also those standing on a bridge near the base of the drop. The ride has a 42 inch height restriction and is suitable for older children, teens and adults. The Power Surge was manufactured by Switzerland’s Intamin Worldwide, one of the world’s largest producers of thrill rides and roller coasters. Other water rides at Six Flags Fiesta Texas are the Gully Washer rapids ride and Bug’s White Water Rapids flume ride. The shoot-the-chutes water rides are some of the oldest style rides in the amusement park industry.

The first major ride of its type opened at Paul Boynton’s Water Chute amusement park in Chicago, Illinois in 1894. Another version opened in 1895 at Coney Island in New York, and from there its popularity exploded into amusement parks throughout the United States. The size and concept of these rides have evolved over the years, but the ride experience is still essentially the same. Although Six Flags Fiesta Texas’s Power Surge ride is 50 feet high, several huge versions of the ride have opened in recent years. For example, the Pilgrim’s Plunge at Holiday World in Santa Claus, Indiana features a 131 foot drop and an elevator lift to the top!

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