The Great White

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The Great White has been a ride at SeaWorld San Antonio since 1997. It’s notable for being Texas’ first inverted roller coaster, which means that instead of the cars sitting atop the track, they are suspended underneath the track, with the seats attached to the wheel track and the riders’ legs left dangling. The Great White was also the first roller coaster ever put into a SeaWorld park, as the parks previously focused on exhibits and shows rather than rides.

The ride is short, running a mere 37 seconds. However, those 37 seconds are intense, moving quickly from inversion to inversion. It has two vertical loops, two wingovers, and a zero-G roll without much time in between them, making it an incredible thrill ride. Its biggest drop is from 99 feet, and the coaster reaches speeds of 50 miles an hour. The Great White also plays some psychological tricks on its riders, rushing them very close to the ground so that it looks like they are going to hit their exposed legs on the many trees or shrubs surrounding the track. Of course, the roller coaster’s track is carefully planned so that this will never actually happen, but the closet call is meant to give the riders an additional thrill of possible danger.

Because of how intense the ride is, it is not appropriate for young children or even older children who are uncomfortable with wild rides. Individuals shorter than 54 inches are not permitted to ride the roller coaster.

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