Shamu Express Riding with Shamu

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Shamu Express is one of the two rides geared towards children at San Antonio’s SeaWorld. The ride allows children to experience the fun and excitement of roller coasters without the fear. The ride has a low thrill rating and consists of only two loops around a simple track, so it is ideal for introducing Shamu’s youngest fans to roller coasters.

Shamu Express was built in 2004, and the ride can seat up to twelve riders seated two abreast in six adorable Shamu themed cars. Up to 675 passengers an hour are able to experience the low thrill ride that goes a distance of 229 feet long, reaches a height of thirteen feet, and peaks at a breezy fifteen miles per hour. The cars glide along the simple junior oval shaped steel track and is perfect for beginning riders or those who need to build their coaster confidence.

The Shamu Express is family friendly. Parents are able to ride with their children, or children who are at least 41 inches may ride alone. Riders must be at least 38 inches tall. Children between 38 and 41 inches must be accompanied by a rider 14 years of age or older. The ride is also accessible to guests using wheelchairs, however they will be required to transfer from the wheelchair to the ride’s seat. One rider may accompany the guest in the wheelchair. Assistance animals are not permitted on the ride.

If you are headed for a fun day at SeaWorld, then be sure to stop by the Shamu Express for a fun, low thrill ride. If you’re looking to see out above the surrounding park area, be sure to sit in the front. Those riders looking for a little more adventure should sit in the back and enjoy the extra excitement.

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