San Antonio Rodeo

Attractions at the San Antonio Rodeo
If you and your family and friends are looking for a fantastic show with a live performance, the San Antonio Rodeo is exactly what you’re looking for. The danger and thrills of rodeo come by every summer. This summer, August 17th is the date to be heading out to see the excitement live.

Events for the rodeo include bareback riding, bull riding, barrel racing, team roping, tie down roping and many more! At the previous event, some of the winning finalists included Steven Dent for bareback riding, Ethan Thouvenell for for steer wrestling and Cody Teel for bull riding. Each of these winners in their category trained and worked hard putting life and limb on the line to win and the crowd got a great show on each event!

If you plan on bringing young ones, some of the attractions are family friendly as well! Take your kids to the petting zoo at the San Antonio Rodeo or have them take a ride on a pony! It may not do too much for the adults, but kids will get a kick out of the attractions designed just for them.

Those in need of cooling off and enjoying the summer heat might want to listen to some live music while enjoying a cold beer. Live attractions are the main benefit of seeing a rodeo and the excitement doesn’t stop with the rodeo itself. See live performers play your favorite hit country and rock and roll songs while dancing and kicking back in the summer heat.

If you get hungry, try the Acosta food sampling or the Fajita and Rib Corral. If you are interested in a fine Texas barbecue to compliment the occasion, this is the place to get it!

Overall, there is something for just about everyone at this year’s San Antonio rodeo. Stop in and see why!