Riverwalk San Antonio

The San Antonio River Walk is a breathtaking waterfront that features 2 1/2 miles of amazing hotels, tourist attractions, and businesses. This location alone takes in almost $800 million a year in revenue. It’s hard to believe that a place so charming today could have been the site of the Battle at the Alamo and a flash flood that claimed fifty lives and cost millions of dollars in property damage back in September of 1921. 
After much debate as to how to rebuild the area, a proposal was made to turn the San Antonio waterway area into an urban park, designed to capture the ambiance of street life in Venice, Italy. The park’s main focus is in preserving its history and beauty.

The River Walk is a famous attraction that is open to the public year round and is free. It offers the best selection of restaurants including:
Biga on the Banks
Hotels that are directly located on or close to the river walk well worth staying in include the:
San Antonio River Walk Plaza Resort Hotel

Hyatt Regency San Antonio

Grand Hyatt San Antonio

O’Brien Hotel

The Hotel Valencia

San Antonio Crowne Plaza River Walk

The Holiday Inn San Antonio River Walk Hotel



Choosing parking is more affordable from street surface parking lots, with meter spaces that have a flat rate of under $10.  Parking information for buses and large vehicles can download information from the “tour or school bus parking map” for more details.