Rio Loco: Rafting the Crazy River

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The Rio Loco is always a hit with the hot guests at San Antonio’s SeaWorld. The ride is relaxing and beautiful, winding through tall, shady, and beautiful trees. Don’t be fooled by the peaceful scenery, though, for the Rio Loco is called the “Crazy River” for a reason! You will cool down from the water spraying into your circular raft as you float through a series of twists and drop-offs. The whole ride brings you closer to the climactic waterfall that drenches all those that brave the Rio Loco.

The Rio Loco is the perfect family ride for a hot day. There is a moderate thrill rating for the ride, as well as the chance of leaving the ride completely soaked. Since the Rio Loco opened in 1997, long lines have proven how fun and refreshing the ride is. Each raft seats up to six people in three sets of two seats. If possible, make your ride spin faster by leaving one set of seats open. In order to ride the Rio Loco, guests must be at least 42 inches tall. The ride is accessible to guests using wheelchairs, but the guest must transfer from the wheelchair to the ride’s seat. Up to five additional riders may accompany the guest in the wheelchair, and the guests need to enter the ride through the disabled gate. Well-behaved assistance animals are also welcomed on the ride.

All SeaWorld guests who need to cool off and want to enjoy a relaxing ride with an exciting end should ride the Rio Loco. Be sure to keep all electronics in a dry place and enjoy rafting the Crazy River!

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