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Six Flags Fiesta Texas’s Poltergeist roller coaster is a steel coaster featuring four inversions along 2,705 feet of twisted track. Rather than starting with a lift hill, Poltergeist launches riders out of the station from 0 to 54 miles per hour in just three seconds! The coaster train launches through a narrow tunnel into a twisted mesh of track, beginning with an upside down cobra roll at a height of nearly 79 feet. Poltergeist runs two coaster trains that can accommodate up to 24 riders per train. The ride is an intense coaster and is best suited for older children, teens and adults. Poltergeist has a minimum height requirement of 54 inches and is not recommended for those with heart conditions.

The ride opened at Six Flags Fiesta Texas in 1999, and was built by Premier Rides, Inc. It was one of the first roller coasters to use Premier Rides, Inc.’s linear induction motor technology, which is responsible for the launch feature on the ride. Poltergeist is one of only five linear induction motor coasters of its design in the world, with other models operating at Kings Island in Ohio, Kings Dominion in Virginia, Six Flags America in Maryland and Kingdoms of Discovery in China. It is one of eight roller coasters operating at Six Flags Fiesta Texas and is located in the Rockville section of the park. Poltergeist’s coaster trains ran with over the shoulder restraints from 1999 to 2002, which were replaced with a lap bar system.

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