Morgans Wonderland

Located in San Antonio, Texas, Morgan’s Wonderland is a one-of-a-kind amusement park dedicated to children and adults with special needs. It only took one parent of a mentally-challenged child to act on his vision to provide a place where these children and their families could experience the fun enjoyed by normal children. Not only does Morgan’s Wonderland cater to challenged-children but to challenged-adults as well. Finally, there is a place where mentally-challenged adults can experience the wonders of childhood which in all probability were not available or there was no place where they and their families would have been or would have felt welcome..

The reservations-required stipulation is a boon to families and companions of special needs individuals since this acts as a crowd-control mechanism for those who fall within the autism spectrum where the occurrence of spacial-room and melt-down issues could cause them to be admission-denied at  traditional theme parks.

The issuance of micro-chip bracelets to each special needs person provides a safety and security factor for accompanying parents and caregivers. Not only does Morgan’s Wonderland feature braille signage, but there is a special area where the blind can enjoy games in braille.

One very special attraction is Sensory Village. Not only does this area give special needs persons a chance to enjoy experiences within their comfort zone, it encourages them to try new things. Specially-designed sandboxes allow those in wheelchairs to build castles and play in such a way that may never have been previously accessible to them.