Journey to Atlantis

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Journey to Atlantis Provides a Thrilling Ride
With a 10-story plunge and the chance to get soaking wet, Journey to Atlantis at Seaworld San Antonio is an exhilarating roller coaster. While its two drops look huge from the ground, this ride isn’t overly intense; it’s a short coaster that provides excitement without being too scary for kids.

Passengers ride in boats that seat four across. Boats climb up the first hill to give riders a 360 degree view of the park before dipping backwards down a two-story drop. Boats then rotate before the next drop, sending riders headfirst down a 10-story hill and, with a dramatic splash, into the lake waiting at the bottom.

The first Journey to Atlantis was built in 1998 at Seaworld Orlando. It features a water flume that resembles an underwater canal and dramatic decorations. In 2004, Seaworld San Diego added a larger version of Atlantis, part of which uses an elevator technique that carries boats upwards. Seaworld San Antonio’s Atlantis is the simplest of the three, focusing on the thrill of its two drops.

Park visitors who are reluctant to ride Atlantis but still want some excitement can take advantage of the walkway in Atlantis’ splash zone. From here, guests can watch the coaster and get splashed as it comes by. Most kids will enjoy riding on Atlantis, but younger children who find the ride too intense can experience the fun of standing in the splash zone. Riders looking to get soaked will find that sitting in the front seats provides the wettest ride.

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