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The Boomerang roller coaster at Six Flags Fiesta Texas is an exciting shuttle loop coaster that traverses three inversions, both forwards and backwards! The ride experience begins as the coaster train climbs a lift hill in reverse, backing out of the station. As the train reaches the peak of the lift hill, it is released and reaches a speed of 47 miles per hour as it races back through the station. The train climbs into a cobra roll, goes through a vertical loop and then begins its climb up the second lift hill. At the peak of this hill, the train is released and it travels the entire circuit in reverse! Due to the nature of the ride, Boomerang naturally runs only one train that can accommodate a total of 28 riders. The coaster is built by Vekoma Rides Manufacturing, a roller coaster designer based out of the Netherlands.

The Boomerang features one of the most popular roller coaster designs in the world, with 43 of the same design operating at amusement parks around the globe. It is one of eight roller coasters operating at Six Flags Fiesta Texas, and is located in the Los Festivales section of the park. The Boomerang is available on Six Flags Fiesta Texas’s Flash Pass, a ride reservation system available for an extra fee that places guests in a virtual line until it is their time to ride. The ride has a height requirement of 48 inches and is suitable for children and adults.

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